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Sữa bột mầm đậu nành
Sữa bột mầm đậu nành



Ingredients: 100% organic native soybeans.


Made from 100% organic soybeans, using the method of sprouting, drying at low temperature, roasting, grounding and grinding finely, which creates a fragrant, delicious and nutritious soybean milk powder product.

Soybean sprouts have more calcium than cow’s milk, more lecithin than eggs and are rich in amino acids and minerals essential for the body.

The large amount of isoflavones, which is 80-100 times stronger than vitamin E, in soybean sprout protein helps prevent lipid peroxidation in the microsomes of the heart and liver; other polyphenol content in soybean sprouts helps protect the body from cell damage and chronic diseases, cancer…

The active ingredient isoflavone – estrogen from soybean sprout protein has a similar mechanism as natural estrogen, which helps to reduce the frequency and severity of premenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

In addition, soybean sprout protein is rich in protein, lipids, and natural antioxidants, so it can slow down the aging process and sagging of the bust.

Soybean sprout protein can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, suitable for people with heart disease, high blood fat, obesity, type 2 diabetes…

Nutritional Composition
Instruction for User

Mix 2-3 teaspoons with 150 ml of warm water (70 degrees Celsius), sugar can be added depending on preference.

Drink at snacks or 30 minutes – 1 hour after meals to gain weight.

Drink for breakfast, 30 minutes before either lunch or dinner to lose weight.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Seal tightly after use for better preservation

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