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Organic growing region in Luc Khu area, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province

This is a mountainous area with an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level, with an average temperature of 5-7⁰C lower than the plains, and a high temperature range between day and night. The special thing here is that there are no rivers, streams or creeks, all living and farming activities depend on rain water, so farming is less affected by pollution from water sources.

To develop a sustainable organic growing regions, Hanuti has collaborated with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ha Quang district to plan valleys for growing organic crops. Selected valleys can only grow organic crops that Hanuti cooperates with farmers to grow and collect products. It is expected that by 2025, Hanuti’s organic farming land in Ha Quang will reach 50 hectares.

From more than 6 hectares certified organic by the US (USDA), Europe (EU) and Japan (JAS), in 2022, Hanuti plans to develop the farming area meeting organic standards to more than 30 hectares.

However, the farming valleys are located at the foot of the limestone mountains, so the farmland is rich in minerals and high in moisture. Local farmers have a long-standing practice of farming with crops such as corn, red peanut, soybean. With porous soil conditions, many minerals; the high temperature range between day and night, long-term farming experience, HANUTI has created favorable conditions to develop high-quality organic growing regions.

Organic conversion growing regions in Vu Thu, Thai Binh

To meet the demand for input materials, Hanuti is cooperating with farmers in Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province to grow nut such as green beans, black beans, red peanuts, black sesame, white sesame, glutinous corn with more than 30 hectares. The characteristic of this growing region is along the Red River where there is fertile alluvium being planted with mulberry trees intercropping with seed crops.

This is the area where mulberry is grown to get leaves to raise silkworms, so people absolutely do not use chemical pesticides to protect silkworms. Taking advantage of this, Hanuti has cooperated with farmers to convert strawberry growing regions into organic production regions (converting from using chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers). It is expected that the nut growing region in Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province will be evaluated and certified organic in 2023.