Hat Duong World Joint Stock Company (HANUTI) specializes in manufacturing and trading products of two brands: Hat Duong food, and Giot Lanh beverage

The company’s operating model includes: building a value chain and a supply chain of nutritional products from seeds (Hat Duong) according to international organic standards, and producing fruit syrup products (Giot Lanh) according to safety, quality and natural criteria (no preservatives, coloring agents, flavor enhancers are used in the production process). HANUTI aims to build an ecosystem of HAT DUONG and GIOT LANH in the domestic and export markets.
Growing region

Become the center connecting the nutritive ecosystem, the pride in the nut world, the symbol of consumer confidence in nut nutrition products


Hanuti took the lead in building the nut nutrition world and nut nutrition ecosystem. Spread the lifestyles: live modern, live healthy, live beautiful, live happily, live civilly and live peacefully


Hanuti succeeds by doing real, living quality; radiating energy from the heart; extracting essence from seeds; nurture humanity; innovation; value connection; and contribute to the community



Commitment and regard prestige as honor and survival of Hanuti


Dedication and Kindness


Respect nature, work autonomously, self-discipline, self-responsibility


Distilling quintessence and dealing with people and nature delicately


Effort, innovation to move forward


Understanding, empathizing and sharing with customers, colleagues, partners, community and nature.


Harmonizing benefits between parties: shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and community, environment


Cooperation for development, cooperation in the organization; harmony with nature, with people for sustainable development


Dedicating life to the community and performing social responsibility


Happy resonance: happy customers, happy employees, happy shareholders, happy leaders, and happy communities


Co-Founder & Director

As an agricultural engineer, with more than 15 years of experience in working with farmers and developing growing regions, Mr. Thanh has built a strong bond with farmers and created close relationships with the local authorities. This is the foundation to build high-quality growing regions, which is one of the most important factors to create Hanuti’s competitive advantages. With a deep passion for agriculture, Mr. Thanh always aspires to not only create a Vietnamese agricultural product brand to reach the international level, but also build a sustainable agricultural ecosystem in harmony with nature.

Co-founder & Vice Director

With more than 10 years of experience in operating companies specializing in the production and trading of organic agricultural products, Ms. Thuy has extensive experience in building and developing organic growing regions; organization and operation of production, financial management, management and implementation of business activities. With the philosophy of life: “Kindness is the guideline for all actions” and from the accumulated knowledge and experience, at Hanuti, she is the one evaluating and developing the market, and at the same time coordinate, connected with production activities to bring the best quality, safest products at the most reasonable price to the most demanding customers and markets.


Creating sustainable livelihoods for poor ethnic minority households

The growing regions of Hanuti are concentrated in the northern mountainous provinces, where the poverty rate and the percentage of ethnic minorities are the highest in the country. Through the agricultural production chain, Hanuti has created new sustainable livelihoods for the people. The policy of consuming products with a floor price ensures that people have a stable income even when the market price is low. When the market price rises, people can still sell products to Hanuti at the market price to achieve a higher income. In addition, the conversion from low-value crops (traditional crops) to higher-value crops (organic crops) has made higher incomes for local people (from 40% to 50%).

Improving knowledge and farming techniques for farmers

In order to develop growing regions that meet international organic standards, Hanuti always accompanies and organizes technical training courses for farmers during the process of planting, taking care of crops and harvesting products. Therefore, farmers have changed their farming habits from farming using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, uncomposted manure to converting to using organic fertilizers, biological pesticides and composting manure.

Protecting the environment and biodiversity conservation

Organic farming without using chemicals contributes to environmental protection of soil, water and air. On the other hand, crop rotation and the use of origin native cultivars to conserve biodiversity.

Protecting the health of farmers, workers and consumers

Organic farming does not use chemicals to protect the health of farmers and the community. Organic production does not use chemicals, does not use preservatives to protect the health of workers. Products are processed from organic raw materials by organic production process to protect the health of consumers.

Creating jobs for rural women

In addition to creating livelihoods and stable incomes for poor ethnic minority women in growing regions, Hanuti also employs women in rural and peri-urban areas who are unemployed due to the impact of urbanization process. 100% of Hanuti's workers are women with a stable income of USD 250 – 350 per month.